Posted by Karellen @ 05:11PM EST on Sep 17th 2010

Point Chart updated with data from 9/10/2010.

 Posted by Karellen @ 05:10PM EST on Sep 17th 2010

Officially we've announced that the Legacy Dynamis Linkshell will be disbanding after our last run on September 24th. This Linkshell has had some long history and many will miss it. Unfortunately with so many of the changes that Square-Enix has been implementing, there is not much need for a shell to tackle Dynamis. Additionally the equipment there has mostly become more than outdated.

It's no secret that in the past few months Legacy has lost some quality members (Morph not included) and it will be impossible to continue Dynamis at this pace.

 Posted by Karellen @ 02:03AM EST on Sep 11th 2010

We had a successful run in Valkurm tonight. Things are looking like we may be switching to mostly CoP Dynamis runs, which is good considering we haven't gotten too much in way of accessories yet.

Grats to those who won accessories tonight!

 Posted by Karellen @ 01:45AM EST on Sep 11th 2010

Well, I've finally decided that it's time for me to get something new out here on the main site. So, this is what I've come up with. I stripped away a lot of the old content and went with something very simple and easy to maintain.

Some of the old content may be brought back in a new interface in the future, but we'll see for certain. I have the most important pieces to the site available at this time.