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1  Public / Completed Applications / Re: Alataru Application on: August 14, 2010, 11:21:11 PM
Don't they let you play the beta for like a couple hours a week? One way or another closing. º_o
2  Public / Public Discussion / Re: lacee on: August 05, 2010, 10:08:33 PM
I am glad you are back that is so exciting!
3  Public / Public Discussion / Re: lacee on: August 04, 2010, 01:45:05 PM
I a g y a b t i s e!
4  Public / Completed Applications / Re: Kresaera's Appilication on: July 15, 2010, 03:20:11 PM
Please join us for Sandy this week.
5  Public / Public Discussion / Re: Pokémap on: July 13, 2010, 07:18:57 AM

I remember doing this years ago!  OMG it sucked!  lol

It's a long ass run and you need a lot of time to do it because the odds of things going bad is very high.  I haven't been in there in forever.....if there's enough people to handle it I'm in....but only if it's relatively safe.    Tongue   Not much of a point if we all die a bazillion times you know?

Oh....and I'm not sure....but is this soloable?

As I recall this is soloable. More than a party and it just turns into a clusterfuck.
6  Public / Completed Applications / Re: Kresaera's Appilication on: July 04, 2010, 06:51:47 PM
Good application. You have Rdm closest to 75/80 so far. Are you aware of Rdm's role in Dynamis and how taxing it can be?
7  Public / Public Discussion / Re: Woot LV76 on: June 25, 2010, 07:37:37 AM
1.2K to 19 on Mnk right now.

Haven't done Pld yet cause frankly I'm not sure how I'm going to. I may try to just solo/fov it so I don't have to torture friends by having a Pld in the party. Then again I have all the gear for Pld DD so who knows.

And yeah MMM can be quite good but it's no less frustrating than crowded camps. There's still gimps and retards and congestion.
8  Public / Public Discussion / Re: lacee on: June 25, 2010, 07:35:27 AM
Stop shouting niggerjew in Whitgate then
9  Public / Public Discussion / Re: lacee on: June 24, 2010, 07:38:58 AM
Stop botting kthx
10  Public / Public Discussion / Re: Woot LV76 on: June 23, 2010, 12:17:20 PM

Lots of jobs got enhancements to pre existing job traits. Notably:

Rdm Seems to get Fast Cast 4 at 80. That's pretty damned sweet.

Drg gets ACC Bonus 3. Again sweet.

Drk Gets ATT Bonus 5.

Whm gets Autoregen 2.

An extra strength point gets added to Hasso at 77.

Possible increases in parry and guard rates.
11  Public / Public Discussion / Re: Woot LV76 on: June 22, 2010, 07:55:11 AM
Ali, Morph, Isi, Jacqueline, Hariel and myself all got 76 last night too. Gonna be rough exping in the next few weeks. We did trolls which actually wasn't bad. Bad part was the competition but we ran one group off.
12  Public / FFXI News / Re: Adjustments of the Job Persuasion! on: June 18, 2010, 08:03:49 AM
I will admit, I am so happy to have regen II. I was very envious of sch, but if sch turns out to be the win sub for rdm in the future, that's a real shame.

/SCH is pretty much going to be -the- standard for RDM by 80, if not 78 (Erase is 39 for SCH).

You know I think that's a good thing to be honest. I don't know how much you've gotten to mess with your Sch sub since you finished it quite a while later than I did, but when I used it I found it a lot more fun. A little busier, but it's so efficient that in the end it's actually less stressful. I never ran out of mp /Sch. For you it'll probably be even better since you have Morrigan's Robe. Manifestation + Sleep 2 means that Rdm is the absolute king of CC too.

Composure + Regen II = 720 HP for 36 MP. Very sexy. That's 20 HP/MP.

Also, the one spell they could give Nin to help it would be a haste spell. If Nin got 5% haste they could cast on themselves, it would go a long way towards making them a choice DD again.
13  Public / FFXI News / Re: Adjustments of the Job Persuasion! on: June 17, 2010, 08:02:46 AM
My thoughts:

Dear lord on Cor XI's. That is fucking hot. If you don't have Snake Eye capped, do it now. And I kinda called the movement speed roll. Fast Cast roll is sexy too. Resist Amnesia is nifty, though likely useless.

Monk tanks seem like they're getting a bit stronger. As soon as you know you need to cast Ichi pop perfect counter and you're set. Very nice.

Pld JA sounds like shit but Shield Def bonus sounds hot. Native Phalanx on Pld is also cool. Pld/Whm should be a god damned soloing beast now. Shell IV on Pld too only 5 years late.

Nin got fucked unless the new spell is something really good. Not holding my breath. I guess the tp when you parry thing might be cool. Perhaps I will recap parry.

Dnc got some ridiculous buffs. Dual Wield, Sneak Attack without a positioning limitation, Divine Waltz II, and Curing outside of party. Conserve TP natively too. Dnc might have gotten the most here.

Sch's Libra ability may be very useful. We'll have to see what kind of info it gives you.

Whm getting Cure VI and Baramnesiara is cool, big fight only stuff though. Frankly I don't think Whm needs much buffing anyway. It's easily the best at what it does.

Rdm mostly got fucked. Stone and Water IV? Baramnesia? Regen fucking II? Really? 15/20 Jobs get a new JA. Not Rdm. Every job got a trait except Rdm. Here's to hoping that SE is jut holding out on us since Rdm is really the job people have been worried about since the announcement of the level cap raise.

For me there's a fuckton of interesting stuff here. Some definite game changers. Enough to keep me interested for a while anyway. My 3 mains got some love so no real complaints here.
14  Public / FFXI News / Adjustments of the Job Persuasion! on: June 17, 2010, 07:47:48 AM

No level cap increase is complete without an accompanying arsenal of new job abilities, traits, and magic spells. Come the June version update, adventurers will find themselves empowered with myriad new ways to smite enemies and support comrades in battle. As the icing on this scrumptious cake of additions, performance-enhancing tweaks are also being whipped up for certain existing job abilities.

The following job abilities will be added:
Restraint (WAR Lv.77 Ability Delay: 10 min. Effect Duration: 5 min.)
Enhances your weapon skill power with each normal attack you land, but prevents you from dealing critical hits.

Perfect Counter (MNK Lv.79 Ability Delay: 1 min. Effect Duration: 30 sec.)
Allows you to counter the next attack directed at you.

Mana Wall (BLM Lv.76 Ability Delay: 10 min. Effect Duration: 5 min.)
Allows you to take damage with MP.

Despoil (THF Lv.77 Ability delay: 5 min.)
Steals items from an enemy while inflicting a status ailment upon it.

Divine Emblem (PLD Lv.78 Ability Delay: 10 min. Effect Duration: 1 min.)
Enhances the accuracy of your next divine magic spell and increases enmity.

Nether Void (DRK Lv.78 Ability Delay: 5 min. Effect Duration: 1 min.)
Increases the absorption of your next dark magic spell.

Double Shot (RNG Lv.79 Ability Delay: 3 min. Effect Duration: 90 sec.)
Occasionally uses two units of ammunition to deal double damage.

Sengikori (SAM Lv.77 Ability Delay: 3 min. Effect Duration: 1 min.)
Grants a bonus to skillchains and magic bursts initiated by your next weapon skill.

Futae (NIN Lv.77 Ability Delay: 3 min. Effect Duration: 1 min.)
Grants a bonus to your next elemental ninjutsu by expending two ninja tools.

Spirit Jump (DRG Lv.77 Ability Delay: 90 sec.)
Delivers a short jumping attack on a targeted enemy which suppresses enmity. Effect enhanced when wyvern is present.

Blood Pact: Rage "Holy Mist" (SMN Lv.76)
Deals light elemental damage to an enemy.

Blood Pact: Rage "Lunar Bay" (SMN Lv.78)
Deals darkness damage to an enemy.

Blood Pact: Rage "Night Terror" (SMN Lv.80)
Deals darkness damage to an enemy.

Bolter's Roll (COR Lv.76)
Increases movement speed for party members within area of effect.

Caster's Roll (COR Lv.79)
Enhances "Fast Cast" effect for party members within area of effect.

Tactical Switch (PUP Lv.79 Ability Delay: 3 min.)
Swaps TP of master and automaton.

Presto (DNC Lv.77 Ability Delay: 15 sec. Effect Duration: 30 sec.)
Enhances the effect of your next step and grants you an additional finishing move.

Divine Waltz II (DNC Lv.78 Ability Delay: 20 sec.)
Restores the HP of all party members within a small radius.

Climactic Flourish (DNC Lv.80 Ability Delay: 90 sec.)
Allows you to deal critical hits. Requires at least one finishing move.

Libra (SCH Lv.76 Ability Delay: 1 min.)
Examines the target's enmity level.

The following adjustments will be made to existing job abilities:
- Beastmasters will be able to invoke the aid of six new creatures via the "Call Beast" ability by using the following items:
Cunning Brain Broth / Lucky Carrot Broth / Deepbed Soil / Wool Grease / Vermihumus / Dancing Herbal Broth

- The level requirement for the samurai ability "Sekkanoki" will be reduced from 60 to 40.
- When dragoons use the "Spirit Link" ability, half of their wyvern's TP will be transferred to them.
- If a corsair's "Double-Up" ability produces a total of XI, the roll's effect duration will be extended to 10 minutes.
- Dancers will be able to perform the ability "Cure Waltz" on non-party members.
- The "Dual Wield" job trait will become available to dancers at level 20, with the degree of mastery increasing in stages thereafter.

Support jobs will be subject to the following ability restrictions:
- The white mage abilities "Afflatus Misery" and "Afflatus Solace" will be unavailable.
- The ranger ability "Shadowbind" will receive a penalty to accuracy.
- The ninja abilities "Innin" and "Yonin" will be unavailable.
- The scholar abilities "Accession" or "Manifestation" will triple rather than double the recast time for associated spells.

The following job traits will be added:
*The jobs column indicates the level at which the trait will first be learned. The degree of mastery will increase in stages thereafter.

Trait   Jobs   Effect
Crit. Atk. Bonus   WAR Lv.78   Improves power of critical hits.
THF Lv.78
DNC Lv.80
Crit. Def. Bonus   PLD Lv.79   Improves defense against critical hits.
BRD Lv.80
Tactical Parry   NIN Lv.77   Grants bonus TP when parrying an attack.
DNC Lv.77
Tactical Guard   MNK Lv.77   Grants bonus TP when guarding against an attack.
PUP Lv.80
Shield Def. Bonus   WAR Lv.80   Reduces damage taken when blocking an attack with a shield.
PLD Lv.77
Stout Servant   BST Lv.78   Reduces damage taken by pet.
PUP Lv.78
True Shot   RNG Lv.78   Grants a damage bonus to ranged attacks performed at an appropriate distance.
Blood Boon   SMN Lv.60   Occasionally cuts down MP cost of Blood Pact abilities. Does not affect abilities that require Astral Flow.
Skillchain Bonus   SAM Lv.78   Improves skillchain damage.
DNC Lv.45
Fencer   WAR Lv.45   Increases rate of critical hits when wielding with the main hand only. Grants a TP bonus to weapon skills.
BST Lv.80
Conserve TP   RNG Lv.80   Occasionally cuts down TP cost of weapon skills.
DRG Lv.45
DNC Lv.77
Occult Acumen   DRK Lv.45   Grants bonus TP when dealing damage with elemental or dark magic.
SCH Lv.78
Mag. Burst Bonus   BLM Lv.45   Improves magic burst damage.
NIN Lv.80
SCH Lv.79
Divine Benison   WHM Lv.50   Quickens spellcasting for status ailment recovery magic. Grants a bonus to enmity reduction
Resist Amnesia   BST Lv.15   Gives you a slight resistance against amnesia.
COR Lv.30
PUP Lv.15
The following magic spells will be added:
- White Magic
Cure VI: WHM Lv.80
Protect V: WHM Lv.76 / RDM Lv. 77 / SCH Lv.80
Shell V: WHM Lv.76
Baramnesia: RDM Lv.78
Baramnesra: WHM Lv.78

- Black Magic
Stone V: BLM Lv.77 / SCH Lv.79 (Addendum: Black)
Water V: BLM Lv.80
Aspir II: DRK Lv.78

- Songs
Foe Requiem VII: BRD Lv.76
Army's Paeon VI: BRD Lv.78
Knight's Minne V: BRD Lv.80

- Ninjutsu
Aisha: Ichi: NIN Lv.78
*Uses the ninja tool "Soshi".

More jobs will be able to learn the following spells:
- White Magic
Shell IV: PLD Lv.80
Phalanx: PLD Lv.77
Regen II: RDM Lv.76

- Black Magic
Stone III: DRK Lv.76
Stone IV: RDM Lv.77
Water III: DRK Lv.80
Water IV: RDM Lv.80

Several new blue magic spells will be added.
15  Public / Public Discussion / Re: We got a Kitten on: June 05, 2010, 08:56:49 AM
Looks cross-eyed.
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