Legacy Leaders


Responsible for scheduling and taking attendance. Primary contact for Linkshell.


Responsible for organizing jobs.


Responsible for providing Food, Reraise, and Refunds. Melee alliance leader.


Responsible for distributing loot. Maintains website and point chart.

Joining Legacy

Legacy is not currently recruiting members at this time. Only close personal friends to current members may apply.

To apply, please register on the forums and make a post under the application section.

Expectations of Members

Members should be able to enter Dynamis at Legacy’s normal start time. Therefore, they should not be members of another Dynamis shell that would regularly cause a conflict due to run times or the 72-hour wait between Dynamis runs. If members wish to do Dynamis with another group during a time that does not conflict with Legacy, they are free to do so.

We expect that members will attend, within reason, runs that they can make. From start to finish…from when we break the glass, until we’re kicked out. Or, at least, the most you can accommodate due to real life obligations.

If you are playing FFXI, and have access to the zone we’re doing, we’ll expect you to be in attendance. If you can’t be on because you’ve got a family dinner to attend, or a business trip, we understand.

Keeping Legacy as drama-free as possible is a group effort. We expect that you will contribute to this effort and conduct yourself in a mature fashion while in attendance here. No racial slurs, personal or sexist insults, etc. That being said chat can get racy at times and this is tolerated. This is not a G-Rated LS although we rarely dip into Rated R territory.

Do not show up if you are physically unable to play the game at a reasonable level. Whether sick, drunk, or whatever, we would rather you not come than jeopardize a run due to the inability to think clearly.

We expect that members will follow directions in a civil and prompt manner.

Essentially, we come together once a week to kick ass in Dynamis. We expect that, as a member, you will contribute as much as you can to that effort.

Members are also expected to frequent the ls forums regularly. Although this shell is run by its leadership we value the opinions of our members. The best place to voice those opinions is the forums.

Rules and Flow of Dynamis Runs

Gather/Start Time

Friday Night, time is in Eastern Standard Time (EST)

8:30PM – Gather time. Legacy Members should, if possible, be at the Trail Markings by this time though we are happy to accomodate those whose rl schedules ensure they will regularly be later.

9:00PM – Start Time. Ideally, we should be breaking the glass and entering at 9:00.

The target time to be arriving at the Trail Markings by is 8:30. Not 9:00. Leaders should be aiming more at 8:00PM. We use the time to get into groups, swap jobs if needed, distribute items, etc.


We expect that members will have Reraise in some form active while in Dynamis. To facilitate this, Legacy provides Reraise items for use in Dynamis, and also refunds costs for items purchased by members and used in Dynamis.

We cannot have an item for each and every person, so remembering to bring one is preferred. In return, we ask that completely spent RR items that were paid for/provided by Legacy be returned to leadership crafters (as indicated on the leadership roster) so that they can be desynthed for cost recovery.

We expect that appropriate food will be used. To facilitate this, basic food is provided at the start of each run.

Additional meds/items may be provided, such as Icarus Wings or Powder Boots.

Beyond that we do expect that members have standard items with them. Echo Drops are important. Antidotes, Poison Potions, Eye Drops, and other cures for common ailments are certainly not a bad idea.

All items the LS provides are provided free of charge.


We expect that members will be using appropriate gear and tactics. Melee should be using their most effective weapons. Not skilling up, breaking latents, or whatever else. Mages should not be meleeing.

Keep the LS Chat channel clear for tactical information. Use party chat, shout, say, or tells to hold other conversations, say congratulations, etc.

Melee should /assist the primary tank. Or in the case of multiple tanks, the tank their alliance is supporting. Additionally, melee should wait for pulls to come to them, not run up to them.

Melee should have Autotarget set to off. This will prevent automatically attacking the next-nearest thing when the current target dies.

If the order to wipe is given, die in place, or in the nearest spot where raising will be possible/convenient. If you agro something or are too far up when things link, die in place, etc.

Pay attention to LS chat for strategical information.

If you must AFK, let your party or alliance leader know, and do not AFK while resting or sitting.

Do not go AFK with less than 10 minutes left on the clock. Drop your glass instead.

Attendance, Points, and Penalties

Points Related

1a) Attendance For Legacy Runs

Points awarded for attendance of Legacy runs are 1 point for City or CoP runs, and 2 points for Northlands runs.

1b) Attendance for Non-Legacy Runs

1 point may be awarded for non-Legacy runs provided that the member gained a needed win for Northlands or Xarcabard access. Members wishing to get credit for attending another shell’s run should check in advance with Legacy leadership.

1c) Credit for No Access

Half of the point value of a run may be awarded to members who cannot enter the zone we are doing that week. Members wishing to receive credit for a zone they cannot enter should post on the forums in the Weekly Excused thread under Attendance and Loot and explain that they do not have access. In the case of CoP Dynamis, space in a run is more limited. If members show up to the Hieroglyphics on time, but do not enter due to a lack of space, they will still receive a full point.

1d) Attendance Penalties

Members who show up late or leave early without warning will incur a penalty of half the point value for the run. To avoid a point penalty, members may post in the Weekly Excused thread under Attendance and Loot in advance of the run. Standing excuses can be posted in the Long Term Excused thread. Point penalties may be waived at the discretion of leadership. What Legacy asks of members is consideration and communication, not prioritizing Dynamis over real life.

1e) No Shows

Upon the third unexcused absence, a member will be marked with a Warning status. If the member continues to not post an reason for absence or attend a run, they will lose one point per no-show for another four runs. If, after seven weeks, a member has not shown up for a run or let Legacy know why they have not been attending they will be removed from the member list.

As with any of the loot point rules, exceptions can be made at the discretion of leadership.

1f) Restoration of points

Returning members may have their points restored at the discretion of leadership.

1g) Long Term Excused and Excused members

To maintain the lot system as much fair as possible, members that are being excused over 8 straight runs will be automaticly removed from the rost and will not be able to lot by priority on the first come back run. Same rule aplies to long term excused members returning to the ls.

Relic Armor Priority

2a) Relic Armor Job Tiers

Each member may be in tier for up to two jobs for priority lotting of Relic armor. Jobs set should be at least level 65, and equipped to attend Legacy Dynamis runs if asked.

Members that do not have a level 65+ job that they lack Relic armor for will be handled by Legacy leadership on a case by case basis.

Changing job tiers will be accompanied by a four attended run delay. During this time, a member will be listed under the new job tier as being on delay, and given a lower priority than those not on delay.

Members may only be on delay for one job at a time.

Members may only win one item per run based on tier priority.

Members who are in tier for a given job must pay full point cost for pieces that drop for that job. They are not eligible to lot pieces at a discount that they are in tier for.

2b) Point Tiers
Priority when lotting is determined by point tiers.
Tier 1: 1-4 points
Tier 2: 5-11 points
Tier 3: 12-20 points
Tier 4: 21-30 points
…and so on.
2c) Open Lot

If no member in tier for an item wishes to lot it, then an item will be offered to members in attendance for the full point value.

Members who have already received an item in-tier on a given run may still compete for open lot pieces.

Priority may be decided on open lot items based on point total and/or job level, at the discretion of leadership.

2d) Discounted Items and Free Lot

Based on lack of demand, an item may be offered to members present at a run for a discounted point cost.

Members who are in tier for a given job may not lot on items for a discounted point cost, whether or not they have already received an item in-tier on that run.

If an item drops that no members are interested in paying points for, then it may be offered to applying guest then to free lot. In this case, anyone present in the zone is allowed to lot on it, including those who would be in tier for it. No points will be used. The one stipulation regarding free lot Relic armor is that anyone receiving it should not be lotting simply to win the item. It should be used or stored, not dropped.

Relic Armor Distribution

3a) Loot Calls

Relic Armor is offered in order from highest to lowest priority:

Members that are in the given job tier, in order based on point tier.

Members that are on delay for the given job tier.

Open Lot for full point value

Open Lot for discounted point value(s)

Offered to guests at leadership discretion

Free Lot

3b) Protocol

During Legacy runs a leader will call loot when it drops indicating the status, who may lot, etc.

Member should wait until the appropriate time to ask to lot. For example, if a member would like to lot a piece at a discount, they should wait until the loot caller offers the piece for a discounted point cost.

3c) Current Point Costs
Relic Armor point values are:
City: 3 points/1 point discounted
Beaucedine: 5 points /3 points discounted/1 point discounted
Xarcabard: 5 points /3 points discounted/1 point discounted

Other Loot

4a) Ancient Currency

Ancient Currency is collected by Legacy leadership and sold in order to finance Timeless Hourglasses, Reraise Items, food, and various other meds, items, and costs associated with Legacy Dynamis runs.

Members wishing to obtain Ancient Currency may purchase it from Legacy according to our rules regarding it.

4b) Relic Weapons

Weapon drops are considered free lot, unless there happens to be a member who needs one as part of the upgrade process.

4c) CoP Dynamis Items (Relic -1, Accessories)
These items are offered in a similar, but simplified fashion to Relic Armor. When one drops, interest in it is assessed from the members present, and the loot caller determines which member(s) may lot based on:

If the member can equip the item.

If the member has the NQ Relic piece to upgrade.

Point tier standings.

Current job tiers have no bearing on Relic -1 pieces or accessories.

Current point value for these items is 3 points.

4d) Shadow items

Priority for Shadow items is given based on point standings and the discretion of the shell holder. The following are guidelines for distribution. Both cost 10 points.

Shadow Mantle is offered to lvl 75 Pld's regardless of whether they are currently in PLD tier. Once the list of those interested is compiled, available points is typically used to determine priority. Matles can be awarded to non-Plds in the event of large point disparities.

Shadow Ring is offered to all LS members. Available points are used to determine lotting priority.

Ancient Currency

5a) For a Relic Weapon upgrade

In order to be eligible to purchase Ancient Currency from Legacy at member discount, a member must first acquire the first upgrade’s worth of currency at market pricing or on their own. Member discount is usually 1-2K per single piece from current market price.

5b) For Relic Armor +1

Members are able to purchase the Ancient Currency needed to complete Relic Armor +1 at member pricing in the event that they receive the -1 piece in the course of a Legacy run.